Essential Words for the TOEFL- Lesson 6

Essential Words for the TOEFL- Lesson 6

Essential Words for the TOEFL- Lesson 6

TOEFL / Essential Words for the TOEFL


chiefly  coarse  commonplace  comparatively  complex conventional curious exceedingly  exclusively  immense indeed  rigid routinely sufficiently  visibly

همراه با آزمون



adv. most importantly or most commonly adj. chief Syn. mostly

Houses are made chiefly of wood products. Corn is the chief crop of the Midwest.



adj. not fine or smooth, not delicate ᅳopposite smooth Syn. rough or lumpy

adv. coarsely n. coarseness

Sandpaper is an extremely coarse material. Wool clothing has certain coarseness in texture. a jacket of coarse wool coarse cloth   coarse fingers   coarse sand   sandpaper is coarse



adj. ordinary Syn. frequent

Female lawyers are commonplace in the United States.

Car thefts are commonplace in this part of town. Heart transplant operations are becoming fairly commonplace.




adv. being measured or judged by comparison

Syn. relatively

adj. comparative v. compare n. comparison

It was comparatively easy for him to learn baseball because he had been a cricket player. If you compare algebra and trigonometry, you'll discover that algebra is less complex.




adj. difficult to understand or explain; having many parts

n. complexity Syn. complicated

The businessmen astutely approached the complex production problem. The universe has a complexity beyond comprehension.



adj. following accepted rules or standards Syn. traditional adv. conventionally n. convention

Professor Canfield agreed with the conventional theory about the origin of the Basque language. To become integrated into a society, you must learn the conventions of that society. I’m afraid I’m conventional in my tastes. After a few conventional opening remarks, he made a brilliant speech. More and more people are turning away from conventional Western medicine to alternative methods of treatment. conventional clothes/opinions



adj. odd or strange; eager to learn Syn. peculiar adv. curiously n. curiosity

A curious object was discovered in the remains. Sally was curiously interested in the history of Alaska.



adv. very; to an unusual degree Syn. extremely v. exceed n. excess adj. excessive adv. excessively

In tropical zones, it is exceedingly hot and humid. It is not safe to exceed the speed limit. Thank you. You've been exceedingly kind. Working hours must not exceed 42 hours a week. His performance exceeded our expectations. He was fined for exceeding the speed limit. The riot police had exceeded their authority. They were exceedingly kind to me.



adv. only; and nothing/no one else; not shared with others Syn. restrictively adj. exclusive n. exclusion v. exclude

This room is used exclusively by the faculty. They excluded everyone under the age of 21 from the contest. This room is exclusively for women. He writes exclusively for the Washington Post. This offer is available exclusively to people who call now.



adj. extremely large in size or degree Syn. massive, enormous adv. immensely n. immensity

From the mountaintop you can see the immense valley. She was immensely interested in the idea of teaching a foreign language. People who travel by rail still read an immense amount. Regular visits from a social worker can be of immense value to old people living alone. an immense palace/improvement



adv. certainly; really (used to make a statement stronger) Syn. truly

Did he indeed go to the infirmary? It is very hot indeed.



adj. not easy to bend; firm, inflexible adv. rigidly Syn. stiff

The teacher was very rigid in his ideas about class attendance. He adhered rigidly to his opinions about marriage. rigid and authoritarian methods of education a rigid metal bar a rigid schoolmaster



adv. regularly, usually done Syn. ordinarily adj. routine n. routine

She routinely gets a physical examination. It is routine for students to become homesick at times.



adv. enough, in a satisfying manner n. sufficiency adj. sufficient v. suffice Syn. adequately

Jenny is sufficiently mature to make her own decisions. Her income is sufficient for her needs.



adv. can be seen adj. visible n. vision* v. view adj. visionary* (* power of imagination or wisdom,especially with regard) Syn. noticeably

Ken was visibly upset about his performance evaluation. Stars are more visible on a clear, fall evening.


آزمون‌های درس 6 لغات ضروری آزمون تافل (لطفا از مرورگر استاندارد و دارای فلش استفاده نمایید.)

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