مهاتما گاندی/Biography of Mohandas Gandhi

مهاتما گاندی/Biography of Mohandas Gandhi


Gandhi's family had held important government posts, and for a long time the father of Mohandas was chief officer in one of the states of India. His mother was very serious in her religion and never thought of beginning a meal without prayer.   

It was not easy for him to make friends with other boys in school, and his only companions were his books and his lessons. He used to run home from school as soon as classes were over for fear that someone would talk to him or make fun of him. As a little boy he was very honest.  

Mohandas was married at the early age of thirteen, which in India at that time was not thought to be too young. The young wife of Mohandas had never been to school. This early marriage did not help his lessons, and he lost a year in high school. Luckily, by hard work he was able to finish two classes in one year. 

At the age of eighteen Gandhi went to a college, but remained only for part of a year. The lessons did not interest him and he did not do well. Soon after this he was advised to go to England to study to be a lawyer. This would not be easy. Yet, in spite of all difficulties, the young Mohandas sailed for England, leaving a wife and child behind. After four years of study, young Gandhi passed his law examinations and returned to India.

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