ده خواننده ی برتر زن 2013

ده خواننده ی برتر زن 2013

Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers in 2013


It seems that in the recent years the music world is happy to offer new and new ladies competing for the title ‘Best Artist’. And while some of them can’t survive in the severe competition and leave the music horizon, others have the talent and the charisma to remain and continue entertaining their fans all over the world. Here is our list of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers for 2013 and some a bit of information about them.



ده خواننده ی برتر و محبوب  در سال 2013

در سال های اخیر جهان خوش شانس بوده است که بانوان برتر و جدید را برای عنوان بهترین هنرمند ارائه دهد.اگرچه گاهی بعضی از آن ها در رقابت ها حرفی برای گفتن ندارند ولی بعضی استعداد و چابکی و توانایی این را دارند تا بمانند و طرفدارانشان را در سر تا سر جهان سرگرم کنند و جاودانه شوند.در زیر ما لیست 10 خواننده ی زن برتر در سال 2013 و رتبه و همچنین ریز اطلاعاتی را به ارمغان آورده ایم. لذت ببرید.

نظر فراموش نشود

1. Katy Perry


Katy Perry – talent and beauty in one body, is preparing her 4th studio album, which is due very soon – Summer 2013! Perhaps it will include a lot of famous artists and will be absolute success as all the three albums so far. It is worth mentioning she is not only occupied with music – her third fragrance with the name ‘Killer Queen’ was released in May 2013 by Coty. Smells good, doesn’t it?

2. Adele

The English singer, known for ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ and ‘Rolling in the Deep’ won over the hearts of the music fans first in her homeland UK and then – all over the world. Till now, year 2013 is really successful for her with a Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song (Skyfall), as well as a Grammy for a Best Pop Solo Performance (Set Fire to the Rain). According to the rumours, Adele is working on a new record. Got not patience to hear it, have you?

3. Rihanna

After all the scandals and the hardship, Rihanna is still right here, on top of the music industry, competing to become the ultimate Pop Queen. Who has forgotten ‘Love the Way you Lie’? Apparently, no one, although she has moved much further since then with her album ‘Unapologetic’ (2012), her sixth Grammy (Best Short Form Music Video – ‘We Found Love’) and taking the first place in 2013 BRIT Awards with 3 868 000 records sold in Great Britain for year 2012.

4. Lady Gaga


Some people adore her, some hate her, but she doesn’t care for the second group. She is Lady Gaga and she is… Exceptional. One thing is for sure – every song she sings becomes a hit. Perhaps this is because of the weird videos or the creepy outfit (meat dresses, gigantic platforms etc.) or just her charisma and talent win people round. Whatever the situation is, most of us still sing along with the radio when we occasionally hear ‘Alejandro’ or ‘Born This Way’. Or ‘Paparazzi’. Or ‘Judas’. Or anything else she sings. Here’s something exciting – soon we will enjoy a film for Gaga’s life by Terry Richardson!

5. Taylor Swift


She is young, determined to become an evergreen name in the pop culture and, surprisingly, not a member of the Disney music school. Taylor Swift is only 23, but has already sold more than 26 million albums and has more than 80 million downloads of her songs. From March to September this year, Taylor is having a grand tour around North America with 66 concerts and supporting artists like Nelly, B.o.B etc. The good thing about her is that she sings not only pop, but also country – one of the underestimated genres nowadays. In fact, Taylor Swift won the Nashville Songwriters Association’s Songwriter/Artist Award in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 – five times in a row! Good luck this year, Taylor!

6. Nicki Minaj



In fact, we can’t tell who is more controversial – Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj. We will tell you the following situation and let you decide for yourself: being in the jury of American Idol 12th next to Mariah Carey led to Minaj threatening Carey to shoot her, according to the latter. However, soon we may see a completely new record label owned by Nicki Minaj, with Keisha, Brinx and Parker Ighile in it. Despite the controversies and her appearance, Nicki Minaj is rated the most-charted female rapper due to her 44 appearances in Billboard Hot 100 – perhaps the editor is a fan of hers, too.

7. Beyoncé


Perhaps it is not necessary to tell much about Beyoncé… The most important we have to know about her in 2013 is that her 5th studio album is to be released any moment this year. Meanwhile, she actively concerts, appears on the TV and on different events, performs with a lot of famous singers and artists (Jay-Z – her husband, Ne-Yo, 2 Chainz, Kelly Rowland etc.) and is being Beyoncé. Just hope to get hold of her new album soon!

8. Jennifer Lopez

Another symbolic name in the world of music – J Lo, still holds a place in the Top 10 Female singers of 2013. She is already 43 years old, but does not even think of putting an end to her career – some women can’t just stay at home and do nothing! Her upcoming album will be released in November 2013 and will feature songs in all the genres Jennifer Lopez is known to sing. On June 20, 2013 J Lo received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – the 2 500th star there!

9. Shakira

The first word that comes in mind when we speak about Shakira? Loca! The hot Latina singer won’t give up singing and concerting and this is understandable – she has the energy that would make a whole group of singers perform at once! The newest project of Shakira – her 8th studio album – will include various artists, among which Tiesto, LMFAO, Akon, Skrillex and many others. It will certainly be a blockbuster, so better put aside a couple of dollars for it!

10. Cheryl Cole


The girl known to ‘Fight for This Love’ – the beautiful female singer Cheryl Cole continues her successful path in the music industry. Now it seems that she will continue to sing alone, after the pop group Girls Aloud, part of which was Cheryl, will split up after ten years together and six concert tours. We hope that Cheryl will be successful without her mates and will continue to entertain us with her songs!

All in all, these ten music furies really deserve their places in our rank of the top 10 female singers for 2013. We hope to see all their current projects released soon and being successful. Good luck, girls, the music industry needs more women like you!


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